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Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM K)

by Rishabh Sethi 96 May 22, 2024

One of the top 10 Indian Institutes of Managements, or B-Schools as they are commonly known, in the country, the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode was founded in 1996. The institute provides numerous courses in a range of subjects, including at the postgraduate and doctorate levels.

Ranked #3 by NIRF in 2023, IIM K has rapidly increased its ranking and if an institute manages to do so, it is doing something right. It was the first institute in India to offer a learning program for management executives.

The institute boasts of a serene campus but also boasts of their start-up culture. Maybe that is the reason why NIRF has ranked IIM K higher than even IIM C. The institute has an alumni funded fellowship so that students can pursue their dreams. Aside from this, it also hosts one of the largest B-School Entrepreneurship summits with invitations extending to even VCs

FeesAverage CTCCutoff
21 L31.02 LPA99+

IIM Kozhikode Campus

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode- Education Times

The IIM K campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country and maybe even in all of Asia.

The location of the campus however, is a little troublesome and certainly not the easiest to reach. This however, is the case with all IIMs, except maybe IIM Ahemdabad and IIM Mumbai.

Kozhikode Railway Station is approximately 17.7 km away from IIM Kozhikode. The Kozhikode International Airport, is about 31 kilometres away. The closest means of direct commute is the Kunnamangalam New Bus Stop which is 400m from IIM K.

IIM Kozhikode Programmes

IIM K provides 5 Academic Programs. These programs can be either one-year or full two-year programs. These are -

  1. Doctoral Programme in Management (PhD)
  2. Post Graduate Programme (PGP)
  3. Post Graduate Programme in Finance (PGP-Finance)
  4. Post Graduate Programme in Liberal Studies & Management (PGP-LSM )
  5. Post Graduate Programme in Business Leadership (PGP-BL)

Aside from these, it also offers 5 management executive programs. Working professionals can choose these programs and complete them in just one year time and fast-forward their career trajectory. These programmes are -

  1. PhD in Management (Practice Track)
  2. Master of Business Administration - Kochi Campus: A two year classroom programme at IIMK Kochi Campus
  3. Executive Post Graduate Programme - Interactive Learning Mode (EPGP)
  4. Management Development Programme-(MDP)
  5. Faculty Development Programme (FDP)

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IIM Kozhikode Post Graduate Programme (PGP)

The Post-graduate Programme in Management is a flagship educational programme offered by IIM K. The PGP intake has steadily grown since it began in 1997 with a class of 42 students, making it the nation's fastest-growing management school to achieve that milestone. But all of this was done without sacrificing the program's excellent quality. The Institute is still consistently ranked in the top few in the nation and has a strong placement record.


IIM Kozhikode Cutoffs - Post Graduate Programme

Engineer + Male99.7888398
Non-Engineer + Male99848097
Engineer + Female98838095
Non-Engineer + Female96757393
The above mentioned cutoffs are mere representative figures. These should only be used by students for guidance. As shown in the table, there aren't any additions for work experience and past academics.

For an admission in IIM, there are factors other than CAT Percentile which are needed. Only after these factors are considered and cleared, does one get a PI call.

IIM Kozhikode Academic Weightage

Students are first judged and a composite score is formed.

CAT 2023 Index Score45%
Class X Percentage Score25%
Class XII Percentage Score15%
Gender/Academic Diversity Score10% / 5%
Work Experience Score5%

Based on your past, your total score is calculated. Higher your scores in other domains, lower the cat percentile you require to get an admission of your choice.

Students to note that they can get a 100%ile in the exam and yet fail to get an offer incase they are unable to clear the minimum cutoffs - sectional as well as HSC as specified by the college.
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IIM Kozhikode Minimum Eligibility

CategoryCAT Overall percentileCAT Sectional percentileSSC/10th percentageHSC/12Ith percentage

For any IIM, the selection process is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 - Where the candidate aims to get shortlisted.

The candidate, based on their profile (Work ex, Gender, Class 10 grades, Class 12 grades and finally CAT scores) is shortlisted from the entire pool of candidates who have applied.

Only those candidates who have the minimum cutoffs required are first filtered.

From the rest of the candidates, the students are selected as per the college's wish. Since it is a Top 10 MBA college in India, IIM K gets a lot of flexibility with regards to the quality of the crowd. The process becomes very competitive and cutoffs go very high. Exceeding the 99%ile mark in most cases.'

Part 2 - Where the aim is to get selected.

The candidates are now fighting a very different battle. The students are now in-competition with the best of the minds. Students will now have three rounds -

  1. Personal Interview
  2. Written Ability Test
  3. Resume Selection

These aren't knockout rounds but all three are taken for all the students. Only a student that can manage to ace all three can think of getting a call.

IIM Kozhikode isn't an easy B-School to get into. But a B-School that gets an average CTC of 31 LPA and is ranked #3 for management by the NIRF, shouldn't be easy to get into in the first place.

IIM Kozhikode Cutoff FAQ's

What is the minimum cut off for IIM Kozhikode?

In order to get shortlisted, the minimum cutoff cannot be easily defined. This is because there are multiple factors at play. However, broadly speaking. An English Hons. graduate Female with 2 years work experience would get a call at a significantly lower percentile. Readers are advised to read the blog above to get a broad idea.

Which IIM has the lowest cutoff?

The cutoffs for IIMs remain very high as they have a lot of brand value. Baby IIMs typically have lower percentiles which hover around 94%ile.

Is IIM Kozhikode a Tier 1 college?

Certainly! IIM K is a consistent top-10 B-School. A part of the old IIM club, it is one of the toughest B-Schools to get into. Recently, IIM K was ranked #3 amongst all management colleges in India by the NIRF in 2023.

Can I get into IIM Kozhikode with 98 percentile?

Indeed, getting an IIM K call at 98%ile is a high probability event. This probability increases even further if you have a very strong profile.

What is IIM Kozhikode famous for?

IIM K was the first institute in India to offer learning programmes for executives. Aside from the college is known for their beautiful campus, and most obviously, for being a Tier-1 college!


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