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Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM C)

IIM Calcutta, the prime choice for most of the MBA aspirants is one of the premier business schools in India. The institute maintains its rich legacy by selecting the brightest minds each year for its diverse and dynamic programs. IIM-Calcutta follows a rigorous admission process to uphold its position in academic excellence and leadership development. The admission criteria and selection process is explained in detail in this blog. MBA offered by IIM Calcutta is a post graduate level two year residential program designed to help students gain excellent managerial skills and become high level decision makers. The program equips them with specific skills in finance, accounting, marketing and operations. The criteria for admission and selection process follows a six level approach.

IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria: Sectional & Overall Cutoffs

CAT score is the first gateway to IIM Calcutta. The aspiring candidates need to excel in this exam which assesses their quantitative, verbal and logical skills. The CAT score is an important component , often acting as initial filter in the selection process. Candidates are required to meet minimum requirements on both section wise and overall percentile as mentioned in the table below-

CategoryVerbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)Quantitative Ability (QA)Overall Percentile
Note: This is the minimum percentile required and the actual cutoff may vary as per number of candidates called for PI in each category.

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IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria: Class 10 and Class 12 Weightage

IIM Calcutta looks for strong academic foundation. Though there isn't any strict cutoff for academic scores but a higher academic score would provide more points that will add to higher chances of selection for the final stage. Moreover IIM Calcutta has announced zero weightage for bachelor's degree marks in shortlisting process. However it gives considerable importance to 10th and 12 th grade marks , giving different points for different range of scores summarized in the table below:

Class 10 Marks (in %)PointsClass 12 Marks (in %)Points
≥75 and <808≥75 and <8012
≥70 and <756≥70 and <759
≥65 and <704≥65 and <706
≥60 and <652≥60 and <653

IIM-Calcutta Selection Criteria: PI & WAT Weightage

Candidates meeting the CAT cutoffs will be called for Personal Interview (PI) and Writing Ability Test (WAT) based on the overall score derived using the parameters and the corresponding weightages given to each aspect as highlighted in table below:

ParametersWeightMethod of Calculation
CAT 2023 Score56(A/B) x 56
Class 10 marks10As per Table mentioned above
Class 12 marks15As per Table mentioned above
Gender Diversity Factor44 points will be awarded for female and transgender candidates only.
A = Candidate’s CAT 2023 Total Overall Scaled Score & B = Maximum possible CAT 2023 Total Overall Scaled Score

Note: The given information is valid for admission process of 2024 and is sourced from official website of IIM-Calcutta.

WAT & PI stage would assess candidate's communication skills, analytical thinking and suitability for the program.

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IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria: Diversity Factor

The institute not only places a strong emphasis on diversity but promotes inclusivity as well. Additionally they actively seek candidates from various disciplines ultimately promoting a multi-faceted learning environment. Different points are awarded for various academic categories provided the candidate presents a mark sheet proving that he/she has passed the relevant degree/course. The points awarded for numerous academic qualifications are provided in the table below:

S.No.Academic CategoriesPoints
1Bachelor's degree in engineering stream (or) Master’s degree in engineering stream (or) Integrated Master’s degree in engineering stream0
2Bachelor's degree in non-engineering stream4
3Dual bachelor’s degree in Law (e.g. BA LLB, BSc. LLB, B.Com LLB, BBA LLB).5
4Bachelor's degree in engineering stream and Masters in non-engineering stream2
5Bachelor's degree in non-engineering stream and Masters in non-engineering stream5
6Dual/Integrated degree where bachelors is non-engineering and masters is in non-engineering stream5
7Dual/Integrated degree where Bachelors is engineering stream and Masters is non-engineering stream1
8CA/ICWA/CS or Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of India (FIAI) without having a bachelor’s degree.5
9CA/ICWA/CS or Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of India (FIAI) with a bachelor’s degree.6
10CA/ICWA/CS or Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of India (FIAI) with or without a bachelor’s degree, and with Masters in non-engineering stream.6
11Integrated bachelor’s degree in Law and Masters in non-engineering stream.6

IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria: Work Experience

Work Experience holds a significant weight in the admission process . Firstly it should be a full time work experience minimum of 6 months. Secondly it should be pursued after the completion of the bachelor's degree supported by a letter from employer and a payslip. Internships, training , articleship or any sort of unpaid work won't be considered. Points distributed for Work Experience are as follows:

Work Experience (X)
Less than or equal to 6 months0
Greater than 6 months but less than or equal to 24 monthsX/3
Greater than 24 months but less than or equal to 36 months8
Greater than 36 months but less than or equal to 48 monthsmattbenny17@gmail.com26-(X/2)
Greater than 48 months2

IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria: Final Selection

The final selection at IIM- Calcutta is a holistic process taking into account CAT scores, academic profile, work experience, diversity and performance in WAT-PI.

CAT 2023 Score30
Personal Interview (PI)48
Writing Ability Test (WAT)08
Points awarded for Academic Diversity at Bachelor’s and Master’s level for non-engineering degrees and professional qualifications06
Work Experience (as per the formula provided)08

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