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by Tanaya Ahirrao 104 April 22, 2024

IIM Bangalore Cut off: Explaining the CAT cut-off for IIM Bangalore, Examine previous trends (2021–2023) and investigate the elements influencing your will to attend a B-school. Arm yourself with knowledge and make successful plans. In this blog you will get to know about the category-wise cutoffs for different programmes at IIM-Bangalore.

Are you aspiring to be a part of IIM Bangalore's PGP MBA batch? Understanding the cut-off trends taking place at IIM Bangalore for CAT is a very crucial part of your journey towards The Place To Be. We will be looking at the past 3 years' CAT cutoffs from 2021 to 2023 to help you gauge the competition and set a target for your preparation journey. Though the cut-offs for IIM Bangalore are as high as 99%ile in CAT exam, they also release the qualifying cut-offs for round 1. 

IIM Banaglore Expected CAT Cut-off 2024

The cut-off for 2024 is expected to be on the same lines as it was last year after analyzing the trends. The aspirants who dream of getting into IIM Bangalore should target a percentile above 99. However, the expected cut-off percentiles are as follows:


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Percentile required for IIM-B WAT/PI 2024

Percentile required for shortlisting for WAT/PI process is generally higher than their cutoffs. If you want an interview call from IIM-B, you need to get more than 99+ percentile in CAT exam.

    IIM Banaglore CAT Cut-off 2023


    (Please note that these are cut-offs used for preparing the first shortlist. The scores of those called for the interview were higher)

    It should be noted that meeting the minimal cut-offs does not ensure your place on the WAT-PI shortlist. That will rely on how well you perform on the CAT in addition to other selection factors that will be important in the following round.

    IIM Banaglore CAT Cut-off 2022

    Category Overall VARCQADILR

    IIM Banaglore CAT Cut-off 2021

    Category OverallVARCQADILR

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    IIM Banaglore CAT Cut-off 2019


    The tables above containing the previous years' cut-offs for IIM Bangalore will serve as a valuable tool for aspirants in several ways:

    • Finding the trends

    Analysing the cut-offs across the past few years will help you to identify the trends. The trends show that the cut-offs have remained stable. However, the cut-offs for PWD have decreased slightly in the latest year.

    • Set realistic goals and gauge the competition

    Looking at the cut-offs for their category can help an aspirant to set a realistic goal and prepare for the exam accordingly. They will get a clear understanding as to where they stand in the competition. This is so because cut-offs tell us so much about the overall competitiveness of the program.

    Remember, while cut-offs do play a significant role in getting into IIM-B, they're just another piece of the puzzle. A strong profile with good academics, interview, WAT and work experience, if any, would take you closer towards your dream B-school. Aim for a score above 99%ile to increase your selection chances. You must also consider the other criteria for selection at IIM Bangalore.

    Notice: The above cutoffs are based on data that is currently available and patterns that have been seen over the years that are listed. The performance of candidates on the CAT exam and institute policies are two examples of the variables that might affect the actual cut-offs.

    IIM Bangalore Cut off FAQs

    What is the cutoff for IIM-B 2024?

    According to the past trends the cutoff for CAT 2024 will also be on the same page i.e 80 percentile for sectional and 85 percentile overall for general category students.

    Which IIM has lowest sectional cutoff?

    IIM Ahmedabad has the lowest sectional Cutoff i.e 70 percentile for each section.

    How much CAT percentile is required for IIM Bangalore?

    It depends on your profile, but according to past trends cutoffs will be around 85 percentile and for the interview call one has to get above 99 percentile in CAT exam.

    Is getting into IIMB tough?

    Since, its acceptance rate is low, it is little bit tougher to get into IIM-B. But, a lot of studennts make into IIM-B every year. So, don't loose hope and prepare well for CAT.


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