CLAT 2019 PG


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 31

What is the total strength of the Supreme Court including the Chief Justice of India?

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Question 32

In which case the doctrine of severability was extended by the Supreme Court to constitutional amendments?

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Question 33

Among the following judges, against whom the motion for removal were initiated in either House of Parliament?

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Question 34

Recently, the Supreme Court in Ram-Janmabhumi case:

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Question 35

The Constitution Day is celebrated on:

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Question 36

If the Anglo-Indian Community is adequately represented, the President may nominate not more than __________ members to the Lok Sabha:

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Question 37

In which case the Supreme Court applied the doctrine of Prospective Over-ruling for the first time to resolve a constitutional question?

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Question 38

How many judges of the Supreme Court were superseded in the appointment of Justice A.N. Ray as the Chief Justice of India?

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Question 39

The Directive Principles of State Policy were framed based on the provisions of:

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Question 40

The Chief Justice of India who passed away while in office was:

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