CLAT 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 131

The value of the expression $$\frac{\left(1\frac{29}{36} + 4\frac{1}{8} \times 1\frac{7}{11}\right) \div \left(5\frac{1}{9} - 7\frac{7}{8} \div 9\frac{9}{20}\right)}{3\frac{1}{5} \div \frac{9}{2} of 5\frac{1}{3}}$$ is

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Question 132

The fractions $$\frac{42}{491}, \frac{30}{313}$$ and $$\frac{35}{367}$$ are arranged in ascending order of magnitude as

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Question 133

Let x be the greatest number of 4 digits, which when divided by 15, 20 and 28 leaves in each case the remainder 2. The sum of digits of x is

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Question 134

A Student was asked to simplify the expression: $$\frac{0.1216 \times 0.105 \times 0.0002}{0.625 \times 0.08512 \times 0.039 \times 0.16}$$ his answer is $$\frac{1}{65}$$. What is the difference between his answer and the correct answer ?

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Question 135

When 13511, 13903 and 14589 are divided by the greatest number ‘n’, the remainder in each case is ‘m’. The value of (n + m) is

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Question 136

ABCD is a quadrilateral in which measures of angle D and angle C are 60 degree, and 100 degree respectively. If the internal bisectors of angle A and angle B meet at P, then measure of angle APB

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Question 137

Suman saves 10% of her monthly salary. Now her expenditure increases by 30% and savings increases by 50%. The present increase in her salary is

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Question 138

A sum amounts to Rs. 9680 in 2 years and to Rs. 10648 in 3 years respectively at compound interest. What will be the amount if the same sum is invested for $$1\frac{2}{5}$$ years at the same rate of compound interest?

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Question 139

The marked price of an article is 20% more than the cost price. If the article is sold at a discount of 15% on its marked price, then the gain percent is

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Question 140

Reshma sells an article to Rekha at 37.5% profit, Rekha sells it to Madhu at $$9\frac{1}{11}\%$$ profit. Again Madhu sells it to Mitu at 25% loss. If Mitu pays Rs. 342 for the article, then what is the cost price of the article to Reshma?

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