CLAT 2016


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

Geeta is twice the present age of Seema. If age of Seema is 20 years now, how many years ago Geeta was three times Seema's age?

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Question 182

In certain code MAIL is written as ZNVY then how will FILM be written in that code?

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Question 183

You are given a 60inch long ribbon, and you are instructed to cut 60 1-inch long strips out of this ribbon. The time taken to cut one strip i s one second. So how long will it take to cut 60 strips?

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Question 184

If it is true that 'Religious fundamentalism is dangerous to the society', then which one of the following statements can also be true?

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Question 185

If it is true that 'Good governance implies law and order in society' then identify the statement which has to be accepted along with the given statement?

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Question 186

If it is false that 'There is at least one octogenarian in the room', then which one of the following is probable?

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Question 187

A, B, C and D have got some money with them. If A gives 8 rupees to B, B will have as much as C has and A will have 3 rupees less than what C has. Also, if A takes 6 rupees from C, A will have twice as much money as D. If B and D together have 50 rupees, how much money does A and B have respectively?

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Question 188

Who among the following is the odd one in the following group of persons? Chief Justice of India, Attorney General of India, Solicitor General, Advocate General

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Question 189

In a bag, there are some diamonds. In another bag, there are one fourth the number more than the number of diamonds in the first bag. If the difference in the number of diamonds in the first and second bag is 3, how many diamonds are there in the first bag?

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Question 190

Mr. X, the President of a club arrived in a meeting at 10 minutes to 12 30 hrs. Mr X came earlier by 20 minutes than the other participating members in the meeting, who arrived late by 30 minutes. At what time was the meeting scheduled?

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