CLAT 2012


Read the following information carefully and then answer the questions.

Four friends W, X, V and Z are students of Class 10th. W and X are good in Hindi but poor in English. W and Y are good in Science but poor in Mathematics. Y and Z are good in English but poor in Social Studies. Z and X are good in Mathematics as well as in Science.

Question 131

Which of the following pairs of friends are good, both in English and Science?

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Question 132

Which of the following statements is definitely true?

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Select the statement which logically follows the two given statements.

Question 133

I. No athletes are vegetarians.
II. All players arc athletes.
III. Therefore.................................

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Question 134

Statements :
I. All persons who have done any creative work can be responsible critics
II. Z has not done any creative work
III. Therefore.......................................

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Question 135

I. One who has squared a circle is not a mathematician
II. Therefore.................................................

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 136

Statement: The Supreme Court of India is encouraging Public Interest Litigation
I. To increase the reach of justice to the disadvantaged sections of society
II. To quicken the pace of Justice Identify the correct reason for the aforementioned statement.

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Question 137

Yoga has become a very popular exercise, but it may not be for everyone. If you are interested in high energy and fast workouts, yoga may not be the best choice. Therefore, evaluate your fitness requirement before joining yoga classes.

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Question 138

Statistics allows us to understand the reality. It indicates developmental directions. Statistics is good for exposing reality, but it can also be manipulated to perpetuate
untruth and misunderstanding. Data has power to mislead people.

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Question 139

Technology has developed out of stone tools which were used in ancient times. At first, development of new technology was slow, but after neo-liberal economic policy
was adopted there has been a tremendous growth in technology sector. This paragraph best supports the statement that:

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Given below is a pair of events I and II. You have to decide their nature of relationship. Assume that the given information is correct and final

Question 140

I. Prices of toys in the market have gone down
II. Government has reduced import duty on toys.

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