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CAT Coaching in Hyderabad 2024: In this day and age of rapid change, job security is a hoax, more or less. If you wish to keep your job and remain employable - upskilling is a must. While there are courses that offer upskilling, a valuable degree is like adding multiple feathers to your cap simultaneously. Additionally, to make a career in the corporate world, an MBA is a must.

An MBA offers unparalleled advantage. A 2-year MBA degree from a Tier 1 Business School is equivalent to 4-7 years of work experience, sometimes even more.

To save all those years, you need to give aptitude exam(s). For an MBA, there are various exams available such as CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, NMAT etc. A top college demands a top percentile.

For the top percentile - you need focus, commitment and an incredible amount of discipline. For a top college, you need the best preparation material, the best teachers and a dedicated study plan.

CAT Coaching in Hyderabad 2024

A number of factors should come into play when choosing a CAT coaching. You need someone who has shown consistency - not just with respect to their former students in IIMs but also with their teaching quality. It also happens that institutes lag behind after a few golden years.

Another factor is the material provided. Good quality material is essential for qualifying CAT. Unless you get a material in a structured manner with a difficulty similar to CAT, getting a high percentile will be extremely tough - next to impossible.

Lastly, a highly overlooked factor are the mocks and analysis provided. What separates a 95%iler and a 99%iler, aside from luck is the mock analysis. An impeccable test-taking strategy is a pre-requisite for a 99 percentile. It is paramount to have good mock tests alongside great mock analyzing software.

CAT Coaching Centres in Hyderabad

Name of Coaching Institute

Salient Features


2nd floor, above Ghanshyam Super Market, Botanical Gardens Road, Sri Ramnagar, Block B, Kondapur

  • Great Faculty
  • Consistent Records
  • High quality mock analysis
  • Daily Schedule


9 offices

  • Consistent Record
  • Good Mocks

IMS Learning

3 offices

  • Good Faculty
  • Good Mocks

Career Launcher

Flat No.101, 1st Floor, My Home Lakshmi Niwas, Opp. to Dr.Reddy labs, Ameerpet

  • Experienced Faculty
  • Good Mocks

Crack IIM

5-5-25, 3rd Floor, Anuusha Castle, opp: New Govt. Jr. College, Kukatpally

  • Experienced Faculty
  • Individualized Attention

Best Cat Coaching in Hyderabad

1. Cracku

CRACKU is a recently started management prep institute with an aim to change the industry and its has been known as one of the best CAT Coaching in Hyderabad. The founders are all IIM graduates with experience in the corporate world. They aim to make the prep more mobile to students so anyone can access world-class study material as per their convenience. The faculty at Cracku is impeccable - Sayali ma'am is a serial CAT, XAT and GMAT cracker with scores consistently above the 99.9%ile mark; Maruti sir is a serial CAT topper with a 4-time 100%ile record.

Last year, Cracku produced 45 - 99.9%ilers and over 500 - 99%ilers.

A benefit of Cracku is that they provide daily schedules, which means, you get the things you have to follow everyday and the exercises that need to be performed. This ensures that you are able to get a structured approach to your CAT prep. To aid this prep, there are over 1000 videos by the faculty - either Sayali ma'am or Maruti sir. This not only allows the student to follow a structured approach and learn quicker but also build a strong foundation which is essential for scoring high percentiles.

Additionally, the mock analysing software is impeccable. The CAT Mock Test themselves are very close to CAT. The software allows you to compare your marks, check your performance and look at everything in detail while also understanding the bigger picture. That is, areas that need to be improved and areas that shall serve as a bedrock for a high score.

A criminally under utilized resource are the free CAT Previous Papers and questions available at Cracku. We say this because after preparing every chapter, you can get a better idea about the questions by solving them chapter-wise. You can Solve topic wise questions.

2. T.I.M.E.

Triumphant Institute of Management Education, much like Career Launcher is another major player in the industry and survived it for a long time. It provides preparation for a wide range of educational exams. The institute has a proven track recording of sending students to the top institutes for over 25 years. The institute has expert faculty and even the mocks are highly regarded by students.

3. IMS Learning

IMS is an old player since 1977 and has established itself as a major player via consistent performance. Aside from having a good faculty and staff that, as per student testimonials, is helpful and approachable, IMS provides convenience. It provides batch timings for weekday afternoons, weekday evenings and weekend batches are available.

Aside from this, SIMCAT are a highly reputed mocks that student claim to be very close to the real CAT exam. The material provided by IMS especially for English is highly regarded.

4. Career Launcher

Career Launcher is a major player in the education preparation industry. An MNC, it has over 200 test centres across India alone. Career Launcher provides test prep for a variety of exams including CAT, XAT, CMAT, CUET, IPM, CLAT, JEE etc. The benefit at CL is that they have continuous batches and it is easier to find a batch as per your needs. Aside from this, mocks given by Career Launcher are of a higher difficulty and very close to the actual CAT exam.

5. Crack IIM

In Hyderabad, Crack IIM-CAT is a renowned institution. The institute's advantage is that its teaching faculty is made up of alumni from the best B-Schools in the nation. Because of this. students receive help directly from individuals who know how to get into the top institutions. Their smaller batches are preferred by students due to the individualized attention. They also provide scholarship for deserving students.

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