How to crack CAT 2021 in the first attempt?

How to crack CAT 2021 in the first attempt
How to crack CAT 2021 in the first attempt

How to crack CAT 2021 in the first attempt?

The Common Admission Test, commonly known as CAT, is the most important management entrance examination in India. Candidates appearing in the examination for the first time are usually sceptical about their chances of cracking it. In this article, we will discuss elaborately how to crack CAT in the first attempt.

One of the major advantages a repeater will have over someone who is appearing for the exam for the first time is the test-taking temperament. This disadvantage can be offset by taking a large number of CAT 2021 mock tests. Taking the mocks regularly will ensure that someone who is appearing for the first time does not start on the back foot as compared to a repeater.

First-timers should try to thoroughly go through the CAT Previous papers to know about the pattern of the exam. Previous year papers will help them gain a clear idea regarding the nature of the questions that come in the actual exam. Let us move on to see how to crack CAT in the first attempt.

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Prepare a plan and stick to it:

Cracking CAT in the first attempt calls for a bit of diligence and loads of discipline. One thing that aspirants should ensure while preparing for CAT is that they stay true to their preparation plan. Being disciplined in the preparation process is paramount to cracking CAT in the first attempt.

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Basics First:

Aspirants who are appearing for CAT for the first time should ensure that they do not compromise on covering the basics well. Before starting the preparation, aspirants should take a diagnostic mock test to know about their strengths and weaknesses. This, in turn, will help them in drafting a good study plan for the rest of the season.

Ensure that your preparation plan is balanced. Do not end up allocating a disproportionate amount of time to one section at the cost of another. Allocate some extra time to the section you are weak at but ensure that you revise your strong suits regularly.

Take CAT mocks:

Do not wait till you complete the basics to take mocks. Test-taking skills take some time to build. Depending on where you lie as far as your preparation is concerned and how many months are left for the exam, you can vary the frequency at which you take mocks.

Work on your Mistakes:

Note down the mistakes you often make in the mocks. If you find yourself to be weak in a particular topic, go back to the basics. Try to reduce the number of mistakes you make with each mock you take. Also, by the end of October, start devising a plan for the day of the exam.

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Final Strategy to crack CAT 2021 in the first attempt:

After devising a strategy for the actual exam, test it in the mock tests and fine-tune it. Experiment with various strategies. Select the one that suits you the most. After finalizing the strategy, try to use it in at least 4 or 5 mocks to ensure that it works well. Also, ensure that your strategy is flexible enough to accommodate any unforeseen changes on the exam day.

We hope that this article would have helped you know how to crack CAT in the first attempt. Wish you all the best!

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