How to Crack CAT in 5 Months – Yes You Can

How to Crack CAT in 5 months
How to Crack CAT in 5 months

How to Crack CAT in 5 Months

We are hardly left with around 150 days for CAT. So the biggest questions now for First time CAT takers is “Whether I can Crack CAT in 150 days or not”.

The answer is “YES”

True! 150 days is enough to crack an exam like CAT and get into your dream IIMs.

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Is 150 days enough to CRACK CAT?

Understanding the Nature of this Exam

Whenever I think of cracking any exam, understanding the exam thoroughly or to understand what is actually needed is the most important thing. There is this famous quote by Abraham Lincoln “ If I were to cut down a tree in 6 hrs I would spend the first 4 hrs sharpening my axe.”
Here cutting down the tree is like Cracking CAT and sharpening the axe is more like preparing for the needs of this very Exam. For this, you need to go through the previous year CAT papers from CAT 2008 to 1992 and the recent papers of 2017, 2018 where CAT has started releasing the response sheets of aspirants. A thorough analysis of these papers will enable us to understand, which areas to target first and allot more time for.

Proper Planning

After this comes the Planning time. “Well Planned is half Done” Planning is such an important tool that India after 70yrs of Independence has reached to be the 6th largest economy where Five-year plans have been a key in its growth. So you need to plan the entire syllabus according to your convenience and need to give importance to all the areas equally,

Religiously Devote 3-4hrs in a day

Once you’re done with the planning, it’s time to execute it. Like, the Indian Airforce executed the plan to precision in the Balakot terror strikes with Smart work and diligence, all the aspirants are also required to live up to your respective plans. Candidates should spend at least 3-4hrs daily consistently. Here consistency plays a very crucial role. Because the study patterns of most aspirants are erratic which will not bear any results.

Test Taking Skills

Doesn’t matter how strong you are, only the right strategy will fetch you the desired results like in the David and Goliath story, where David, a dwarf-like character kills the mighty and monstrous Goliath with a proper strategy.

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JuneBasics & Level 1
JulyBasics & Level 1
AugustBasics & Level 1
SeptemberMocks & Sectionals
OctoberMocks & Sectionals
NovemberRevision & Mocks
DecemberOMETs (SNAP, IIFT)JanuaryOMETs (XAT, TISS etc)

In the coming 3 months, all the aspirants are supposed to complete their Basics. Probably you can enroll for CRACKU CAT series where Video lectures are available for each and every topic which are followed by Adaptive Topic/sectional tests.

In the first 90 days, along with Basics & Level 1 Topic tests, you need to keep taking a mock once in every fortnight. So during this period, you’ll be able to attempt around 6-7 mocks.

After this in the months of September and October aspirants should take mocks 1 per every week coupled with Sectional tests. A thorough analysis followed by understanding your weak areas and working on them is very much important to see an increase in your mock scores.


Reading Comprehensions
Para Summary
Odd Man Out

Almost 70% of this section comprises of RCs. Remember without cracking RCs you cannot CAT. SO start reading a lot. Reading habit helps a lot in solving these and learning the techniques to solve RCs available on CRACKU can be of help. Start reading Editorials, Magazines like The Caravan, Economist where it’ll help you in your RC prep and also adds up for your GDPI prep.
Make sure you practice 1/2 RCs per day along with other areas like…..


DI Topics(All Models)
LR Topics(All Models)
Solving 1 DI & 1 LR sets a day

Cover all the topics in DI like Pie charts, Bar graphs, Tables, Line Graphs, all other Basic & miscellaneous Models.
Similarly in LR cover all the topics like Venn Diagrams, Puzzles, arrangements, Syllogisms and other Miscellaneous topics.
The best source for this section is Previous CAT papers from 2008 to 1992 and 2017, 2018 papers. The best strategy would be to solve all these sets before you go for CAT.


Modern Math

Next coming to Quant, Geometry & Arithmetic form a major number of the questions that are tested in this section. You can start with Geometry followed by Arithmetic which takes a good amount of time as it has got a lot of topics in it like Percentages, P&L, Avgs, Allegations, Mixtures, SI/CI, Time Speed Distance, Time & Work.
Once you’re done with these topics probably you can work on Numbers and Algebra. In the end, you can focus on Modern Maths where topics like Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Coordinate Geometry will be covered in it.

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