FMS Delhi CAT Cut-offs For All Categories (General, SC, ST, OBC, EWS & PwD)

FMS Delhi CAT Cut-offs For All Categories
FMS Delhi CAT Cut-offs For All Categories

FMS Delhi stands as one of India’s most esteemed business schools, often serving as an aspiration for many MBA hopefuls. Typically, gaining admission to this institution necessitates achieving a CAT score exceeding the 99th percentile for the general category. Conversely, FMS, Delhi, establishes distinct cutoff scores for diverse categories including SC, ST, OBC, EWS, and PwD. In this article, we will delve into the CAT cutoffs for each category, furnishing you with valuable insights into the admission procedure at FMS Delhi. Whether you fall under a reserved category or the general category, this article will equip you with the essential information to strategize your approach and strive for a spot in this prestigious institution.

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Before we look into the CAT cut-off scores for different categories at FMS Delhi, let’s take a moment to understand how the CAT score is assessed and the minimum score required to secure admission at FMS Delhi.

What Is CAT Weightage In FMS Delhi?

In the past, FMS Delhi considered the overall CAT exam score for admissions. However, in recent years, FMS Delhi has also included sectional CAT scores, with different weightage assigned to each section. The assigned weights for each section are given below.

CAT Sections Weightage
VARC 40%
QA 30%
DILR 30%

The CAT cut-off for FMS Delhi is influenced by various factors, such as the total number of candidates who took the CAT exam, the number of candidates who successfully cleared the CAT, the available seats in each category, and the historical CAT scores of FMS Delhi.

For MBA admissions, FMS Delhi has a total of 251 seats, with 101 seats specifically reserved for the General category. Now, let’s explore the CAT cut-offs for all the categories for the year 2023.

FMS Delhi CAT Cut-offs For All Categories

The FMS Delhi CAT cut-offs vary across categories, with specific percentile requirements for General, SC, ST, OBC, EWS, and PwD candidates. Achieving the designated cut-off percentile is crucial to secure admission in this esteemed institution. Have a look at the safe scores to get a call from FMS Delhi. To secure admission, you must meet specific CAT exam percentile criteria based on your category.

CAT Cut-off For General Category (101 Seats):

If you belong to the GEMs (General Engineer Male) category, the competition is tough, and you will need to achieve a minimum percentile of 99+ overall and 95+ in the VARC section. As we mentioned earlier, FMS Delhi places a lot of importance on the VARC score, giving it a weightage of 40%. So, it is essential to aim for a high score in the VARC section to increase your chances of getting admission.

Now, if you belong to the GEFs (General Engineer Female) category, you’ll get an additional 3% marks once you go through the interview round. However, the target to conversion remains almost the same, that is, 99+ percentile. People who belong to academic streams other than engineering don’t have any such advantage during the selection process. They are treated on par with engineers. However, many students in this category generally have better verbal ability, which will be an added advantage in GD+PI and extempore rounds. For the General category, aiming for the 99+ percentile mark would improve one’s chances of getting an interview shortlist.

CAT Cut-off For OBC (69 Seats) / SC (37 Seats) / ST (19 Seats):

Students belonging to the OBC non-creamy layer category have a slight edge over the General category when it comes to cut-offs and the final selection process. CAT percentile is a key factor in determining whether you qualify for the following phases of the selection process. For most OBC/SC/ST aspirants, the 95+ percentile mark would be a safe score range to help secure a shortlist. Prepare strategically for your CAT exam to secure your spot at FMS Delhi.

CAT Cut-off For EWS Category (25 Seats):

FMS will allocate reserved seats for students belonging to the EWS category following the government’s introduction of a 10% reservation for economically disadvantaged individuals in all government jobs and institutes. Since this is a new development, it is difficult to predict the exact cut-off score for the EWS category. However, the cut-off for EWS is expected to be higher than that of OBC. Therefore, to receive a call from FMS, a percentile of 95+ or above should be targeted.

CAT Cut-off For PWD & CW Category (24 Seats):

Determining the specific cut-off for these categories is challenging. Students should strive to achieve the highest possible score. As a general guideline, a percentile of 60 or higher can be considered a safe zone to receive and convert a call.


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