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by Tanaya Ahirrao 140 May 14, 2024

FMS Delhi Admission: Did you know that FMS Delhi consistently ranks high among the top B-schools for its minimal fees and great placements? Are you curious about the admission process at FMS Delhi? Then, you are at the right place. Now that you know everything about FMS Delhi in detail, let's take a look at the admission process and eligibility criteria.

FMS Delhi Eligibility Criteria 2024

FMS Delhi is highly sought-after, yet its eligibility criteria are very simple. There are 3 very basic eligibility criteria for getting into FMS Delhi:

  1. You need to complete the formal education of 12 years of schooling.
  2. A candidate needs a bachelor's degree of minimum 3 years with 50% marks. This criterion is 45% for the reserved category students which include SC and ST applicants.
  3. Students in the final year of graduation can also apply for admission at FMS Delhi.

If you meet the above-mentioned basic conditions, then congratulations, you are now eligible to apply at FMS Delhi!

FMS Delhi Admission Process

Talking about the eligibility criteria, CAT exam is the only exam accepted by FMS. You cannot get admission in FMS Delhi without taking the CAT exam. The cut-off of 98 to 99 percentile is generally accepted at FMS Delhi. This number, of course, varies for reserved category students depending upon their category. However, Cracku recommends you to target for a percentile above 95 to secure other top MBA colleges as well.

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One very important point to be remembered is that no matter how high your scores are in CAT, if you don't apply for FMS separately, you won't get a call from FMS Delhi. In the case of IIMs, you generally only need to fill the CAT exam form and you get calls from IIMs automatically. However, you will need to to fill out 2 forms in the case of FMS Delhi. The first form is that of CAT which releases during the month of August. And secondly, you'll need to fill out the FMS admission form separately along with its nominal fee charges. Admission form fees are INR 1000 for general category applicants and INR 350 for reserved category applicants. The FMS form is released either before or after the CAT exam.

Please remember to track the form of FMS. FMS Official Website will be helpful for this purpose.

FMS Delhi Admission: Shortlisting Criteria

Institutes shortlist the applicants based on their CAT score and other factors such as profile and workex. These students then get an interview call from the respective institute. This process is called as the shortlisting.

FMS Delhi considers only the CAT scores to shortlist applicants for the personal interview round. Moreover, it gives different weightage to all the 3 sections of the exam separately. Distribution of this weightage is given in the table below:

Section Weightage given

After considering the CAT scores according to the weightage, they give 5 additional marks for female students to increase and encourage gender diversity at the B-school.

That's it! The shortlist for interview is made based on these 2 factors, CAT scores and gender diversity marks. There's neither a sectional cut-off, nor an academic cut-off for 10th or 12th marks at FMS.

FMS Delhi Admission: Selection Criteria

Now, if you have gotten a call for the personal interview round at FMS, you are just one step away from your destination! The last stage is the interview.

Stages of the Interview

The interview process is divided into 3 stages:

  1. SOP Discussion
  2. Extempore
  3. Personal interview

SOP Discussion

When you fill out the FMS application form, you are asked to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP). You may mention why do you want to get into FMS Delhi and how would you contribute or add value to the batch.


You'll be give a topic on the spot. And you will have to speak on that topic for a few minutes. This will be the extempore.

Personal Interview

A personal interview will be conducted post that. Candidates may be asked anything related to their profile or academics. They may also be asked any hypothetical question, or situation based questions. This round is conducted to access your overall personality.


FMS Delhi Admission: Final Shortlisting

Now, FMS Delhi concludes the admission process by making a final list of the selected students who will receive a conditional offer letter for admission to their institute. The final weightage given to the 3 factors of selection is as follows:


The final shortlist is prepared considering the following factors mentioned below:

CAT Scores

50% weightage is given to your CAT exam's weighted score (the one which we discussed in the first stage).

10th Marks

Apart from that, you will also be given points based on your 10th marks. These are the points you'll get depending upon your percentage:

Percentage in 10thPoints given
60% - 75%5 out of 10
More than 75%10/10

12th Marks

Similarly, you'll get the following points based on your percentage marks in 12th grade:

Percentage in 12thPoints given
60% - 75%5 out of 10
More than 75%10/10

Personal Interview

The weightage given to the 3 components of the personal interview round is as follows:

SOPExtemporePersonal Interview

Gender Diversity

Even after the above mentioned stages, all the female candidates are given 5 additional points to promote the gender diversity in the institute.

If you look at the weightage given to CAT and Personal Interview in the final shortlisting stage, you'll understand that even you score really well in your CAT attempt and perform decently in the interview round, you will definitely get into this B-school with a comparable culture and placements to IIMs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does FMS consider 12th marks?

A. FMS does not consider the 10th and 12th marks during the entrance shoortlisting stage. However, 10th and 12th marks are given points based on their respective weightage during the final shortlisting stage.

Q. Can I get a direct admit into FMS Delhi?

A. No, you cannot get a direct admission into FMS Delhi without giving the CAT exam and clearing the interview round.

Q. Does FMS accept CMAT score?

A. No, FMS does not accept CMAT score for its admission process. CAT is the only exam accepted for admission to FMS Delhi.

Q. Can I get FMS with 95 percentile?

A. A general category applicant will not get shortlisted for the interview round at FMS Delhi with just 95 percentile. Generally, a CAT percentile of 98-99 would stand a chance. However, certain reserved category students can still hope to get into FMS with 95 percentile.

Q. Can I get into FMS Delhi with low 12th marks?

A. Yes, as mentioned in the conclusion of this blog, you can get into FMS Delhi even with low academics if you perform well in the CAT exam and interview.


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