How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude For CAT (6 Best Tips)

How to prepare for quantitative aptitude for CAT

CAT 2022 exam is six months away, and many CAT aspirants have begun their CAT preparation. The CAT exam is an open test that applies to undergraduates with any educational background, either from an engineering or non-engineering. When it comes to the CAT syllabus, the quantitative aptitude section might be one of the challenging sections for some of the students from a non-engineering background. Here in this article, we will give you some excellent tips to prepare for the quantitative aptitude section for CAT. These tips will be applicable even beginners.

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I am very weak in quantitative aptitude!

Many CAT aspirants from a non-engineering background might think, “I am very weak in quantitative aptitude” the fact is, the topics in the quantitative aptitude in the CAT syllabus are entirely different from the mathematics present in the engineering studies. The topics in the quantitative aptitude in the CAT syllabus are from your secondary education, not even from your 12th syllabus. You can improve your quantitative aptitude for CAT by making practice in a strategic manner.

Candidates are advised to check out the CAT 2022 Syllabus PDF to know more details about the CAT 2022 syllabus with CAT previous papers slot analysis.

The quantitative aptitude section consists of around 34 questions in the CAT (in the 3-hour CAT exam format). Check out the previous year papers of CAT to know about the type of Quant questions that appear in this section. Also, taking a Free CAT mock test will help the candidates in gauging their strengths and weaknesses, and can significantly help in understanding how to approach the QA questions. You can also prepare for the same, and take the tests at your convenience by using this highly rated app for CAT preparation.

Best Tips To Improve Your Quantitative Aptitude For CAT

Practising is the only key to acing the quant section in the CAT exam. Most of the aspirants are making the mistake of preparing this section in the wrong way. It is very important to practice this section with a perfect preparation strategy. Here are some of the tips that help you to practice the quantitative aptitude section in a structured way and also help to improve on solving the problem. Follow the given below tips to have a structured way of preparation.

  1. Revise The Quant basics Well: More often than not, aspirants tend to skip the basics and move directly to the problem-solving part. Chances are there that the aspirant might have forgotten a seldom-used concept and hence, aspirants must allocate at least a month (those who are thorough with the basics) to refresh the concepts. One can use these Quant Basics PDF that covers all the basic fundamentals and the formulas from all the topics in the Quantitative Aptitude.
  2. Understand The Concepts: The next step after covering the quant basics is to start to prepare the concepts. If the scores in this section are bad (say less than 70-75%ile), it’s important to figure out the fundamentals in all the topics. You can watch these excellent video concepts that cover the ENTIRE syllabus and are very helpful to improve the basics.
  3. Take Sectional Test: Understand your strengths and weakness in this section by taking the sectional test. If you have an idea about your strengths and weakness in this section, you can focus more on your weak sections and this is called a structured way of learning.
  4. Building Speed: While taking the sectional test, one can improve their speed of calculation by finding the simple ways to solve the given problem. This will help you to save valuable time in the examination. Also, speed and accuracy are very important, there is no point to solve a number of problems in a short period but inaccurately.
  5. Taking Mocks: Mocks play an important role in the preparation for the CAT exam. Using mocks, one can understand how far you stick with your preparation and help you to test yourself for the CAT examination. Not only taking the mock but also analyzing them thoroughly after taking a mock to understand your mistakes. One can utilize these free CAT mock tests to prepare for CAT.
  6. Make Revision: After taking the mocks, one can start the revision from the initial concepts in the quantitative aptitude section. You can also utilise these excellent Qunat revision videos that cover all the topics in the Quant.

As mentioned earlier, once the basics of all concepts are covered, the next step is to practice a lot of questions on Quantitative Aptitude. Taking a lot of Mocks for CAT and Sectional tests will help you to get a hold of the concepts, which you can use to fine-tune your test-taking strategies. While reviewing the QA questions in a mock, analyse the solution thoroughly. This will help you to refine your approach and thought process.

Do not neglect some of the Important and easiest topics in the quantitative aptitude section, because most of the questions from these topics might take very less time to solve and these questions will help you in saving time at the time of the examination. Here are some of the easiest topics in qunatitative aptitude.


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