CAT 2023 Slot 3 Exam Analysis: Expected Cut-Offs, Results, Important Dates

CAT 2023 Slot-3 Analysis

CAT 2023 Slot 3 Exam Analysis: Section wise Analysis, Difficulty Analysis, Expected Score vs Percentile, Expected Results Date, Short-lists, GD-PI, Merit-list, Joining & Classes

The CAT 2023 Slot-3 Exam was conducted in the Evening Session, i.e. 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM on November 26, 2023. This year, the exam was conducted by IIM-Lucknow. This year also has a few surprises, but the CAT 2023 pattern is almost identical to last year’s paper. The exam was conducted in three slots with more or less similar difficulties. Quant was the toughest section of all the three.

CAT 2023 Slot-3 Question-wise Breakup

Section Number of Questions Duration MCQs TITA
VARC 24 40 min 21 3
DILR 20 40 min 14 6
QA 22 40 min 14 8
Total 66 120 min 49 17


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CAT 2023 Slot-3 VARC Analysis

  • The VARC section’s LOD is similar across all slots. The overall difficulty of Slot 3 VARC is Easy to Moderate. There are four passages with four questions each. VARC was considered more accessible than the previous year due to a rise in fact-based questions and a decrease in Inference questions. Each RC was about 400 words. This section also has no mandatory question.
  • This year, a significant change in the VA section was that the Odd Man Out questions, eliminated last year, are again present. The VA section had 2 Para Jumble, 2 Para Summary, 2 Para Insertion, and 2 Odd-one Out. A decent attempt is 17-19 questions.

 Reading Comprehension Analysis – Difficulty, Topic Distribution

Areas of Questions Number of questions Overall Difficulty level
Property Law 4 Easy to Moderate
Rational Thinking 4 Moderate
Nutmeg Curse 4 Moderate
Romantic 4 Difficult

Verbal Ability Analysis – Difficulty, Topic Distribution

Para Summary 2 1 Easy 1 Moderate
Para Jumbles 2 2 Moderate
Para Insertions 2  1 Easy 1 Difficult
Odd-one Outs 2 2 Difficulte
Overall 24 Easy

CAT 2023 Slot-3 DILR Analysis

  • The difficulty level of Slot 3 DILR Is closer to CAT 2023. There were 20 questions in 4 sets with five questions each. Overall, the Slot-3 DILR section was Difficult.
  • A decent attempt is 12-13 questions. Also, it was heard that not all questions of the same set were doable; picking on the right questions and moving on when necessary is set to be the right key. Also, Routes set was easy and choosing it will easily help you crack DILR section.
  • As in the VARC section, choosing the suitable set to solve was imperative. Here, attempting all the sets and not getting stuck on a single section is the key. Solving two questions at least from all the four sets will help you crack DILR 2024. 

 DILR Analysis – Difficulty, Topic Distribution

Set Type Topic No. of questions Overall Difficulty
Mean, Media, Mode Online Sites 5 4 Doable – 1 Tough
Caselet AC 5 1 Doable – 4 Tough
LR Girls – Boys 5 3 Doable – 2 Tough
LR Routes 5 5 Doable – 0 Tough
Overall 20 Moderate Difficulty

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CAT 2023 Slot-3 QA Analysis

  • The difficulty level of Slot 3 QA was the toughest of all the three. There were 22 questions, with the majority of questions from Arithmetic and Algebra. Overall, the Slot 3 QA section is the hardest of all three. Slot-3 is the toughest.
  • The only similarity between the 2023 and 2024 papers is that the same  question distribution is followed. The level of Difficulty has seen a drastic change even though IIM Lucknow didn’t expect it. A good attempt is 8-9.

QA Analysis – Difficulty, Topic Distribution

Topic No of questions Difficulty
Arithmetic 8 Moderate-Difficult, Difficult
Algebra 7 Moderate-Difficult, Difficult
Geometry & Mensuration 3 Moderate-Difficult, Difficult
Modern Math 1 Moderate-Difficult
Number System 3 Moderate-Difficult
Overall 22 Most Difficult

CAT 2023 Expected Score vs Percentile

Based on the feedback received from Cracku students and our team, the estimated marks vs percentile for individual sections and overall is as follows:

Percentile VARC DILR QA Total
99 38-40 23-25 25-27 78
95 30-32 17-19 19-21 56
90 24-26 14-16 16-18 48
85 20-21 12-13 11-13 40
80 18-19 10-11 9-11 35

Note: These are only expected percentiles as per our deep understanding, and actual percentiles may vary from these.

CAT 2023 Expected Result Date, Results, Short-lists, GD-PI, Merit-list, Joining & Classes

The following details are based on the past contexts and experiences. The schedule would be more or less similar, and hence candidates are requested to also periodically check with the official notification.

Events Dates
Exam 26th November, 2023
Results 2nd week of January
Shortlists Last week of January / First week of February
GD-PI Last week of February / First Week of March
Final Merit-list April
Joining & Classes June

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