CAT Important Topics 2024, Check VARC, LRDI, Quants Weightage

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The most important topics for CAT 2024 can help aspirants maximize their overall CAT score. The CAT exam plays a pivotal role in securing a seat in a top MBA Colleges in India. To excel, understanding the crucial topics across all three sections is essential: Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation.

This blog post serves as your CAT preparation guide by highlighting the most important topics for CAT 2024 section-wise. By focusing on these high-impact areas, you can significantly boost your overall score and increase your chances of success.

Let's explore each section and break down the key areas you need to prioritize. By strategically allocating your study time and mastering these fundamental concepts, you'll be well-equipped to conquer the CAT 2024 with confidence and take a step closer to achieving your MBA goals.

    The CAT 2024 Exam

    The CAT is an entrance exam needed for MBA programs in India. It's held once a year, and this year's CAT exam date is November 24th, 2024. You'll need to do well in three sections: Quantitative Aptitude, Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability(VARC), and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI).

    While the information about the CAT 2024 conducting body is still pending an official announcement, it is expected to be administered by IIM Calcutta. The CAT registration process typically starts in the first week of August and closes in the third week of September. You can register online at the official CAT website,

    CAT Important Topics

    The CAT 2024 syllabus has not been released yet. While the exam is typically conducted by a different IIM each year, the official announcement revealing the conducting body and official syllabus usually happens around June or July.

    However, based on the consistent nature of the CAT over the years, we can expect the structure and broad topics to remain similar to previous years. Aspirants can check the CAT syllabus 2024 for details.

    Quantitative Ability (Quant)Arithmetic- (Ratios, Averages, Percentages. Profit & Loss, Time & Work, Speed & Distance, etc.)
    Algebra- (Equations, Inequalities, Logarithms)
    Geometry- (Lines, Angles, Triangles, Circles, Mensuration)
    Number Properties- (HCF, LCM, Factors)
    Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)Reading ComputerTime-based Varied Difficulty Passages, Inference, Summary Writing)
    Para Jumbles
    Sentence Correction
    Odd One Out
    Grammar- (Subject-Verb Agreement, Idioms & Phrases, etc.) - Important for OMETs
    Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI)Arrangements- (Seating Arrangements, Circular Arrangements)
    Tables- (Tables with missing data)
    Puzzles- Einstein Puzzle, Matrix etc.
    Data Interpretation- (Tables, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Caselets)

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    CAT Important Topics: Quants

    Important CAT topics

    While focusing on all the topics in the CAT Quant section is important, some carry a higher weightage and appear more frequently in the exam.

    Here are the most important topics for CAT Quant, categorized by their weightage:

    Arithmetic (40-50%)

    This topic covers problems related to speed, time and distance, work and time, percentage calculations, averages, mixtures and alligations, and ratio and proportion. These concepts are frequently tested in various formats like data interpretation and traditional question formats.

    Algebra (30-40%)

    This section includes solving linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, functions, progressions (arithmetic and geometric), and basic algebraic manipulations. Mastering these concepts equips you to tackle various word problems involving different relationships and scenarios.

    Number Properties (20-30%)

    This topic covers concepts like divisibility rules, HCF, LCM, number representation (fractions, decimals, percentages), and elementary number theory. Understanding these concepts forms the foundation for solving various quantitative problems.


    CAT Important Topics: LRDI

    The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) section of the CAT exam tests your ability to analyze data, interpret information, and apply logical reasoning to solve problems.

    While there is no single most important topic as all aspects contribute to your overall score, here are some important DILR topics for CAT, categorized by their sub-sections:

    Tables & Charts (DI)

    This includes interpreting data presented in various formats like bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and tables. You should be able to identify trends, compare data points, and answer questions based on the information presented.

    Caselets (DI)

    These are data-rich passages followed by questions that require you to analyze the information, identify key points, and draw conclusions.

    Data Comparison (DI)

    This involves comparing data from different sources, like multiple tables or charts, to identify similarities, differences, and relationships between them.

    Arrangements & Seating (LR)

    This topic tests your ability to logically arrange a set of individuals or objects based on given conditions and constraints. You might encounter problems like circular arrangements, linear arrangements, and grouping problems.

    Puzzles (LR)

    These involve applying logical reasoning to solve problems that can be presented in various formats like number puzzles, letter puzzles, or logic grids.

    CAT Important Topics: VARC

    The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section of the CAT exam assesses your reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical reasoning skills. While all topics contribute to your score, here are some most important topics for CAT 2024 VARC:

    Reading Comprehension (70-80%)

    • RC forms the majority of the VARC section. This makes it crucial to focus on developing strong reading comprehension skills.
    • Be prepared to tackle passages from diverse topics like science, history, literature, current affairs, and philosophy.
    • Practice identifying the main idea, supporting arguments, and the author's tone.
    • Learn to answer different question types, including factual, inferential, and critical reasoning-based questions.

    Para Jumble

    • 2-3 questions from this topic comes every year in CAT exam. These are TITA questions means there will be no options given.
    • This includes 4 jumbled sentence taken from 1 paragraph and the candidate has to arrange them in proper sequence and write them in the box given.
    • There is no negative marking for these questions.

    Para Summary

    • This includes various sub-topics like identifying assumptions, inferences, and logical fallacies.
    • Practice identifying the author's assumptions, distinguishing between fact and opinion, and recognizing flawed arguments.

    Odd One Out

    • This type of questions contains 5 sentences out of which 4 sentences when arranged in proper sequence makes a coherent paragraph but, 1 is odd i.e it doesn't falls in line with the other 4 sentences.
    • Since, they are generally TITA type questions. There will be no negative marking for these types of questions. 
    CAT Important Topics 1
    The CAT exam tests a diverse range of skills, and focusing solely on most important topics for CAT 2024 might not guarantee success. A well-rounded preparation strategy that prioritizes understanding all the core concepts, coupled with consistent practice and targeted improvement, is crucial for achieving a high score.

    But how do you manage all of this effectively? This is where Cracku steps in. We offer a comprehensive CAT 8-month preparation guide designed to cater to your individual needs and learning style.

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