AP Police 2019 Mains General Awareness


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Observe the following lists and match correct combinations.

Correct answer of A,B,C,D and E is

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Question 22

Assertion (A): 'SRI' in SRI vari is 'System of Rice Intensification'.
Reason (R): Any rice variety can be cultivated as semi arid using less amount of seed and less water.

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Question 23

Identify the incorrect matches from the following.

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Question 24

Assertion (A): Conversion of solid nitrates $$(NO3^-)$$ into gaseous Nitrogen($$N_2$$) by bacteria is called denitrification.
Reason (R): Denitrifying bacteria grow in wet soils.

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Question 25

Assertion (A): Fewer the steps in the food chain, more energy will flow to the species of higher trophic level.
Reason (R): Energy loss during transformation from one tropic level to the next will be minimized.

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Question 26

Study the following pyramids of numbers and identify the shape of the pyramid.
A) Banyan tree $$\rightarrow$$ Insects $$\rightarrow$$ Parasites on insects

B) Grass plants $$\rightarrow$$ Rabbits $$\rightarrow$$ Wolf

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Question 27

Phosphodiester bonds are seen in the following biomolecules

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Question 28

Choose the living organisms that are being used as biocontrol agents.
I. Bacillus thuringiensis
II. Trichoderma
III. Dragon fly
IV. Tungro virus

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Question 29

The term 'Ecological pyramid' was introduced by

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Question 30

Natural mutations in plants and animals were first observed by

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