AP ICET 2nd May 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

In a code ‘SROLFH’ is coded for ‘POLICE’, then the code for ‘STATION’

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Question 62

In a code ‘BUS‘ is coded as ‘YFH’. The code for ‘CAR’ in their code is

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Question 63

If CRICKET is coded as BOQHBJDS then the word that is coded as GNBJDX is

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Question 64

If AMKNSRCP is the code for COMPUTER then the word coded as KMSQC is

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Question 65

If FDSLWDO is the code word for CAPITAL then the code for HOTEL is

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Question 66

It was Thursday on Feb $$15^{th}$$ 2018. Whatday of the week will be December $$15^{th}$$ 2018?

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Question 67

A clock strikes once at 1’o clock. twice at 2’o clock and so on. A person started counted from 5’o clock in the morning and heard 69 strikes, the time when he heard the last strike is

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Question 68

The acute angle between the two hands of a clock when the time is fifteen minutes past five is

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Question 69

A is father of B and C; E is the mother of B while D is wife of F. If F is the father of E then what is the relation between D and E

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Question 70

Three trains A, B and C start at a station in different routes to reach their destination 90kms, 70kms and 85kms away respectively. If they start at 10 a.m and moveat respective speeds 45kms, 40kms and 35kms per hour. then the order in which they reach their respective
destinations is

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