AP ICET 2nd May 2018 Shift-1


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word /phrase/verb/preposition:

Question 181

One should not .............. a man because he is not rich.

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Question 182

The robbers made ............ with substantial booty.

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Question 183

The chairman had to finally ............ to the demands of the employees.

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Question 184

They couldnot refrain ............ illegal activities.

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Question 185

India is also ......... Bharath.

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Read the following paragraphand answerthe following questions.

Try walking into an office of any small time entrepreneur, businessman ortrader, chances are that you mayfind a slogan adorning the reception area — “Customer satisfaction is our motto”. Nothing profoundinthat, manyof us have sometimes seen such slogans prominently on advertisements and billboards for decades. The more business — savvy types have dispensed with it long ago, categorizing it as cliché and not in the tune with the times.

What is not so clichéd and ordinary is the fact that very few of our business practitioners have actually molded their profession around this philosophy — Knowinglyor unknowingly. Let me explain — have you as a customer been subjected to sales calls by DSA’s (Direct Sales Agents) of reputable banks proclaiming that you are the luck one who has been cleared for a loan of some preposterous amount? Yes indeed, most of us
have at some point orthe other. You decide to be polite and decline the offer in the most affable manner and hopethat is the end of your transactions with the bank’s sales agent. Think again — high probability that for the next several days you shall get multiple calls from the similar direct personnel of the so-called reputable bank, all offering the same product that you had declined just the other day, you may be lucky not to have them visit your homeoroffice, again offering the same product. When you confront them with the fact that someone had already approached you from their office earlier with a similar offering and that you have declined it for the umpteenth time. they feign ignorance and
unashamedly blame it on some internal operational gaffe which theyare not responsible for.

Question 186

Sophisticated business organizations removed the slogan because ................

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Question 187

The example the writer gives of business not following what they preach is that ...........

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Question 188

The word that suggests that the offer made through the sales representative is absurd is ...........

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Question 189

The initial reaction of a customer who receives a call fromthe agent is ...........

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Question 190

The writer’s main focus here is to show how ...........

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