AP ICET 2015


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrase/verb/preposition :

Question 181

If it rains, I ............... to your house this evening.

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Question 182

She .......... completed the task before I asked for an explanation.

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Question 183

By next month, we ........... in Vijayawada for twelve years.

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Question 184

After a long delay the plane finally ..............

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Question 185

The driver ............ to a flying start.

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Read the following passage and answer questions:

The greatest enemy of mankind, as people have discovered, is not science, but war. Science merely reflects the prevailing social forces. It is found that, when there is peace, science is constructive; when there is war, science js perverted to destructive ends.

The weapons which science gives us do not necessarily cause war, they make war increasinglyterrible. Till now, it has brought us to the doorstep of doom. Our main problem, therefore, is not to curb science, but to stop war — to substitute law for force, and international government for anarchy in the relations of one nation with another. That is a job in which everybody must participate, including the scientists.

But the bombing of Hiroshima suddenly woke us up to the fact that we have very little time. The hour is late and our work has scarcely begun. Now we are face-to-face with an urgent question - “Can education and tolerance, understanding and creative intelligence run fast enough to keep us abreast with our Own mounting capacity to destoroy "? That is the question which we shall have to answer one way or the other in this generation. Science must help us in arriving at the answer, but the main decision lies within ourselves.

Question 186

According to the writer, the main problem we are faced with is to

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Question 187

The expression ‘bring to the doorstep of doom' means

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Question 188

Which of the following is opposite in meaning to the word ‘anarchy’ in the middle of the passage ?

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Question 189

The antidote to the destructive impulse is

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Question 190

According to the writer, the real enemy of mankind is not science but war because

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