AP ICET 2015


Choose the correct answer:

Question 161

The system for manufacturing products in large quantities through effective combinations of employees with specialized skills, mechanization and standardization is often referred to as

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Question 162

MBO stands for

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Question 163

The process of selecting the right mode of transport, optimizing the cost, taking into account the speed of delivery required is the subject of

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Question 164

The individual dots that make up the actual picture on thie MEnitor screen is

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Question 165

Which circuit is used as a Memory Device in Computers ?

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Question 166

Interconnection of computer devices, peripherals, network nodes in series, one after the other, is

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Question 167

A peripheral device used to connect a computer to another over a phone-line is

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Question 168

A step-by-step procedure used to solve a problem is called

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Question 169

The total amount of money received from customers for their purchase of products or services during the specified time period is referred to as

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Question 170

EXIM policy of the country is formulated through the

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