AP ICET 2014


In questions a question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions. Using the data make an appropriate choice from (a) to (d) as per the following guidelines :

Question 11

In the matrix $$A = \begin{bmatrix}-5 & 20 \\2 & x \end{bmatrix}$$, what is the value of the x?

I. A is singular.

II. A is symmetric.

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Question 12

What is the value of a + b?
I. a ≠ b
II. $$a^2 - b^2 = a - b$$

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Question 13

Is the quadniateral a square ?
I. All the sides of the quadrilateral are of equal length.
II. The diagonals of the quadrilateral are of equal length.

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Question 14

For positve integers x, y and z, is the product xyz even ?
I. x + y is odd.
II. x + y + z is divisible by 7.

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Question 15

What is the monthly salary of A ?
I. A gets 15% more than B and B gets 10% less than C.
II. C’s monthly salary is ₹ 2,500,

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Question 16

Among the real numbers a and b, is b a rational number ?
I. a + b is a rational number.
II. a - b is a rational number.

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Question 17

How many persons are there in the library ?
I. If 3 persons leave the library, then the library has less than 8 persons.
II. If 3 persons enter the library, then it has more than 12 persons.

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Question 18

In the figure given below, what is the value $$\alpha + \beta + \gamma + \delta$$?

I. $$\alpha + \beta = \gamma + \delta$$

II. $$\theta + \phi = 90^\circ$$

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Question 19

How much is (x + y) : (x - y)?
I. x : y = 3 : 2
II. x > 0, y > 0

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Question 20

If p(x) is a polynomial, is (x - 2) a factor of $$p(2x^2 - 1)$$?
I. x = 1 is a factor of p(x).
II. x - 7 is factor of p(x).

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