AP ICET 16th May 2016


Choose the correct answer:

Question 171

The passive form of the sentence “He wrote a letter to his friend” is

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Question 172

The grammatically correct sentence among the followingis :

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Question 173

A: You had your entrancetest yesterday. How did you do?
B: Alas! 1am undone. B is

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Question 174

A: Why are you thinking of closing the factory?
B: It’s because of my investment having gone down the drain.
B implies

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Question 175

I ran into an old friend at the mall. The underlined phrase means

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Question 176

A: Iam late to the practice. Can I go now and say sorry to the coach?
B: Let’s not try to meet her now. She’s in a temper.
The coach is

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Question 177

I always take her advice with a pinch of salt.
The speaker implies that

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Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrase/verb/preposition:

Question 178

He .................. the favour of the chairman.

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Question 179

The examination ........... begun by now, but hasn’t.

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Question 180

The evening's function was disrupted .......... a major accident.

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