Question 88

In an apartment complex, the number of people aged 51 years and above is 30 and there are at most 39 people whose ages are below 51 years. The average age of all the people in the apartment complex is 38 years. What is the largest possible average age, in years, of the people whose ages are below 51 years?


The possible average age of people whose ages are below 51 years will be maximum if the average age of the number of people aged 51 years and above is minimum. Hence, we can say that that there are 30 people having same age 51 years. 

Let 'x' be the maximum average age of people whose ages are below 51. 

Then we can say that, 

$$\dfrac{51*30+39*x}{30+39} = 38$$

$$\Rightarrow$$ $$1530+39x = 2622$$

$$\Rightarrow$$ $$x = 1092/39 = 28$$

Hence, we can say that option D is the correct answer. 

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