Books and More sells books, music CDs and film DVDs. In December 2009, they earned 40% profit in music CDs and 25% profit in books. Music CDs contributed 35% towards their total sales in rupees. At the same time total sales in rupees from books is 50% more than that of music CDs.

Question 84

If Books and More made 50% loss in film DVDs, then overall they made


Let total selling price of books and more = $$Rs. 100x$$

Thus, S.P. of music CDs = $$\frac{35}{100} \times 100x = 35x$$

S.P. of books = $$35x + \frac{50}{100} \times 35x = 52.5x$$

=> S.P. of DVDs = $$100x - 35x - 52.5x = 12.5x$$

40% profit is earned in music CDs and 25% profit in books.

=> C.P. of music CDs = $$\frac{100}{140} \times 35x = 25x$$

and C.P. of books = $$\frac{100}{125} \times 52.5x = 42x$$

It is given that Books and More made 50% loss in film DVDs

=> C.P. of DVDs = $$\frac{100}{50} \times 12.5x = 25x$$

Thus, total C.P. of books and more = $$25x + 42x + 25x = 92x$$

$$\therefore$$ Profit made by books and more = $$\frac{100x - 92x}{92x} \times 100$$

= $$\frac{8}{92} \times 100 = 8.69 \% \approx 8.7 \%$$

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