Question 81

From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

Federer’s fifth grand slam win prompted a reporter to ask whether he was the best ever. Federer is certainly not lacking in confidence, but he wasn’t about to proclaim himself the best ever. “The best player of this generation, yes”, he said, “But nowhere close to ever. Just look at the records that some guys have. I’m a minnow.” ______


We must select that sentence that follows the line of thought presented in the passage.

The author talks about the question asked by the reporter to Federer. Federer says that he was the best player of his generation but not even close to all-time best. He says that compared to “some guys” he is a minnow. So, the concluding line must be related to his answer.

Now, let’s check each of the options. Agassi might not be one of the “some guys” that Federer referred to in his statement and hence, the concluding sentence cannot be option A. Moreover, the win against Agassi does not prove that he is an all-time best tennis player. So, option A is wrong.

Option B is clearly out of scope as Sampras was not mentioned anywhere in the given passage.

Option C says that Federer is more than a minnow to his contemporaries. This sentence extends the idea given in the previous sentence and hence is in line with rest of the passage. Also, this line concludes the paragraph perfectly. Hence, sentence C could be the answer.

Option D is definitely related to the paragraph, but is not related to the question posed by the reporter. Between options C and D, option C fits better because it is more related to the question posed by the reporter and the answer given by Federer.

Hence, option C is the answer.

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