XAT 2019 Question 8


Read the poem given below and answer the question that follows it:

Black lake, black boat, two black, cut-paper people.
Where do the black trees go that drink here?
Their shadows must cover Canada.

A little light is filtering from the water flowers
Their leaves do not wish us to hurry:
They are round and flat and full of dark advice.

Cold words shake from the oar.
The spirit of blackness is in us, it is in the fishes.
A snag is lifting a valedictory, pale hand;
Stars opening among the lilies.
Are you not blinded by such expressionless sirens?
This is the silence of abandoned souls.

Question 8

Which of the following options presents a convincing evaluation of the line, ‘Stars opening among the lilies’?


So far, the poem was conveying the image of engulfing blackness; suddenly, the speaker notices, "Stars open among the lilies".
The light that now appears along with the newly formed visible "lilies" stuns the speaker as it is not held back by the darkness around, but rather it blossoms hope.
In option C, this evaluation is well expressed.

Therefore, the correct answer is C.

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