Directions for the following ten questions: Fill up the blanks, numbered [1], [2] up to [10], in the two passages below with most appropriate word from the options given for each blank.

First Passage:

"Between the year 1946 and the year 1955, I did not file any income tax returns." With that [1] statement, Ramesh embarked on an account of his encounter with the income tax department. "I originally owned Rs. 20,000 in unpaid taxes. With [2] and [3], the 20,000 became 60,000. The Income tax Department then went into action, and I learned first hand just how much power the Tax Department wields. Royalties and trust funds can be [4]; automobiles may be [5], and auctioned off. Nothing belongs to the [6] until the case is settled."

Second Passage:

"At that time the white house was as serene as a resort hotel out of season. The corridors were [7]. In the various offices, [8] gray men in waistcoats talked to one another in low-pitched voices. The only color, or choler, curiously enough, was provided by President Eisenhower himself. Apparently, his [9] was easily set off; he scowled when he [10] the corridors.

Question 77

Blank Number [4]


Of the given options, only option C and D mean take hold of. Between the two, option C is used for funds and sources of income. Impounded is used for taking possession of physical assets and thus cannot be used for sources of income. Thus, the right answer is option C.

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