Question 71

From the given options, choose the sentence that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

I am sometimes attacked for imposing `rules’. Nothing could be further from the truth: I hate rules. All I do is report on how consumers react to different stimuli. I may say to a copywriter, “Research shows that commercials with celebrities are below average in persuading people to buy products. Are you sure you want to use a celebrity?” Call that a rule? Or I may say to an art director, “Research suggests that if you set the copy in black type on a white background, more people will read it than if you set it in white type on a black background.”


The last sentence should talk about the statement that the author made to the art director. According to the author, the statement is not a rule. So, option a) and c) are applicable. Between these two, option c) is better because it specifically talks about this statement and not about "rules" in general. So, c) is the best concluding sentence.

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