Question 68

Animals in general are shrewd in proportion as they cultivate society. Elephants and beavers show the greatest signs of this sagacity when they are together in large numbers, but when man invades their communities they lose all their spirit of industry. Among insects, the labours of the bee and the ant have attracted the attention and admiration of naturalists, but all their sagacity seems to be lost upon separation, and a single bee or ant seems destitute of every degree of industry. It becomes the most stupid insect imaginable, and it languishes and soon dies.

Which of the following can be inferred from the above passage?


From the options given, we can eliminate options C and D as they are unsupported by the facts given in the paragraph. Option A is not an inference that can be built from the information given in the paragraph.

The paragraph states that animals, from elephants and beavers down to the bee, lose their spirit and intelligence when they are separated from the communities and their environments are invaded by humans. Hence, option B directly follows from this premise.

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