Question 64

Out of the total production of iron from hematite, an ore of iron, 20% of the ore gets wasted. Out of the remaining iron, only 25% is pure iron. If the pure iron obtained in a year from a mine of hematite was 80000 kg, then the quantity of hematite mined in the year is


Let 100 kg of hematite be obtained then 20% of it get wasted that means 80 kg of ore remains.

Pure iron = 25% of remaining ore = 80*25/100 

= 20 kg. 

20 kg pure Iron is obtained from 100 of hematite. 

1 kg pure Iron is obtained from = 100/20 hematite; 

Then, 80000 kg pure Iron is obtained from = (100/20)*80000

 = 400000 kg hematite.

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