Question 48

Use the following table :

Below given (a) and (b) explain the meaning/synonym of two words from the above table. Identify the correct matching option from the choices given below :

(a) happening suddenly for brief periods of time but not regular or continuous
(b) Impostor; Fraud; Quack

1. (a) — (ii); (b) — (ix)
2. (a) — (v); (b) — (xii)
3. (a) — (x); (b) — (vi)
4. (a) - (xv); (b) — (xiii)


"Spasmodic" means occurring or done in brief, irregular bursts. Thus, it matches with (a).

"Charlatan" refers to a person falsely claiming to have special knowledge or skill. Thus, it matches with (b).

Hence, the answer is option D.

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