Question 49

Match each word in the left hand column with description in the right hand column which best describes its meaning/synonym:

Choose the correct option.

1. (a) - (i); (b) - (iii); (c) - (ii); (d) - (v); (e) - (iv)
2. (a) - (iii); (b) - (i); (c) - (ii); (d) - (iv); (e) - (v)
3. (a) - (ii); (b) - (v); (c) - (iv); (d) - (iii); (e) - (i)
4. (a) - (iv); (b) - (ii); (c) - (v); (d) - (i); (e) - (iii)


To "Aggrandize" means to increase the wealth or status of someone. Thus, it matches with (ii).

"Foolhardy" behaviour refers to reckless behaviour. Thus, it matches with (v).

"Obsequious" means being obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree. Thus, it matches with (iv).

"Nonplus" means surprised or confused. Thus, it matches with (iii).

"Propitious" means giving or indicating a good chance of success. Thus, it matches with (i).

Hence, the answer is option C.

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