Question 47

Direction: A number of sentences are given below which, when properly sequenced, form a COHERENT PARAGRAPH. Choose the most LOGICAL ORDER of sentences from the choices given to construct a COHERENT PARAGRAPH.
A. This is doubtful.
B. Paintings made in the first half of the 18th century show the members of one clan in different tartans, and even one clansman with separate tartans for his coat, waistcoat and kilt, and it is unlikely that the clans kept strictly to particular tartans until the 19th century.
C. The oldest known painting showing Highland dress dates from about 1660, and few earlier records are reliable.
D. It is sometimes claimed that the different Scottish tartans served in ancient times to distinguish not only the different clans but also the ranks of the clansmen.


D will be the starting sentence as it introduces the topic of discussion, "Scottish Tartans".

A follows D by saying that the claims mentioned in D are doubtful.

C then proceeds to explain why the claims are doubtful.

B extends the discussion in C.

Thus, the required sequence is DACB.

Hence, the answer is option A.

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