Question 44

The problem of traffic congestion in Athens has been testing the ingenuity of politicians and town planners for years. But the measures adopted to date have not succeeded in decreasing the number of cars en the roads in the city centre. In 1980, an odds and evens number- plate legislation was introduced, under which odd and even plates were banned in the city centre on alternate days, thereby expecting to halve the number of cars in the city centre. Then in 1993 it was decreed that all cars in use in the city centre must be fitted with catalytic converters; a regulation had just then been introduced, substantially reducing import taxes on cars with catalytic converters, the only condition being that the buyer of such a ‘clean’ car offered for destruction a car at least 15 years old.

Which one of the following options, if true, would best support the claim that the measures adopted to date have not succeeded?


According to the given information, all the three options a), b) and c) have led to an increase in the number of cars in the city.

So, the government's attempts at reducing the number of cars in the city have not succeeded.

Therefore, the answer is d) all the above.

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