Question 32

Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out.

l. People who study children's language spend a lot of time watching how babies react to the speech they hear around them.
2. They make films of adults and babies interacting, and examine them very carefully to see whether the babies show any signs of understanding what the adults say.
3. They believe that babies begin to react to language from the very moment they are born.
4. Sometimes the signs are very subtle — slight movements of the baby's eyes or the head or the hands.
5. You'd never notice them if you were just sitting with the child, but by watching a recording over and over, you can spot them.

Correct Answer: 3


After reading all the sentences, we know that the paragraph is about the children's language and the signs that they show. Statement 1 is the opening sentence as it introduces us to the method adopted to study children's language. Statement 2 further explains the method how people study the signs given by children. Statements 4 and 5 are about the signs mentioned in statement 2. Thus, all the four statements are related to the methodology adopted by people to study children's language. Therefore, these 4 sentences form a paragraph.
Statement 3 is about the reaction of children to a certain language. So, statement 3 is about a different topic and does not fit in the paragraph.
Hence, 3 is the correct answer.

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