XAT 2011 Question 26

Question 26

As the information on air warfare tasks and stressors was being gathered and scenarios were being developed, a parallel effort ensued to identify a test bed simulation for air warfare teams. To maintain experimental control, it was determined by the designers that choosing a low physical fidelity simulation was acceptable as long as cognitive fidelity in a team simulation was maintained through subjecting soldiers to pressure situations in a simulated combat setting and attempting to ensure that naturalistic decision making of soldiers would not be compromised.
Which of the following statements, if true, weakens the logic of the above passage?
i. A number of studies have shown that high levels of physical stress lead to a weakening of the decision - making capabilities of human beings.
ii. It has been convincingly demonstrated by various studies that human beings by nature are not designed to adapt to high levels of mental stress.
iii. Numerous studies have shown that simulated environments can be designed to be good substitutes for real - life combat situations.
iv. Studies have shown that simulated exercises for armed forces personnel have tended to induce a systematic type of “correct” and common behaviour among the trainees.
v. Officers, when short - listing soldiers for critical operations, pick up battle - hardened soldiers rather than those who have been trained through simulations.


The main argument of the paragraph is that the naturalistic decision making capabilities of individual soldiers should not be compromised.

Statement i mentions the weakening of the decision making ability. So, statement i weakens the argument.
Statement iv also mentions about common behaviour among the trainees which defies the individualism.

Hence, option C is the correct answer.

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