2012 RRB Ahmedabad


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Where is Indian Institute of Science located ?

Question 82

Author of the book entitled ‘Imagining India-Ideas for the New Century’, is--

Question 83

The following is found in maximum quantity/number in Rajasthan--

Question 84

Who has started, ‘Save Narmada Movement’ in 1905 for the first time ?

Question 85

Who was honoured with the title ‘Lok-nayak ?

Question 86

Who had brought the Lauh Stambha in Delhi ?

Question 87

Where will FIFA Cup Football be played next ?

Question 88

Which of the following is the deepest and the oldest lake of the world of fresh water?

Question 89

Inflorescence in Sunflower is of the type--

Question 90

Nirmochan is insect in controlled by--

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