Question 20

The passage given below is followed by four alternate summaries. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the passage.

People view idleness as a sin and industriousness as a virtue, and in the process have developed an unsatisfactory relationship with their jobs. Work has become a way for them to keep busy, even though many find their work meaningless. In their need for activity people undertake what was once considered work (fishing, gardening) as hobbies. The opposing view is that hard work has made us prosperous and improved our levels of health and education. It has also brought innovation and labour and time-saving devices, which have lessened life’s drudgery.


The main points of the passage are:

1. People increasingly view idleness as sin and industriousness as a virtue, pushing them into meaningless jobs.

2. On the other hand, this has also saved us from many of life's drudgeries.

A: Misses out on point 1.

B: A distortion. The author does not advocate idleness. Also, 1 is not covered properly.

C: Incorrect. 'led to greater idleness' is not implied anywhere in the passage.

D: Covers both the points aptly and is the answer.

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