XAT 2010 Question 18


Analyse the following passage and provide an appropriate answer for the questions that follow.

When we speak of the “probability of death”, the exact meaning of the experience can be defined in the following way only. We must not think of an individual, but of this expression can be defined in the following way only. We must not think of an individual, but of a certain class as a whole, e.g., “all insured men forty-one years old living in a given country and not engaged in certain dangerous occupations.” A probability of death is attached to the class of men or to another class that can be defined in a similar way. We can say nothing about the probability of death of an individual even if we know this condition of life and health in detail. The phrase “probability of death”, which it refers to a single person, has no meaning at all.

Question 18

Which of the following statements would the author(s) agree to the most?
The outcome of a boxing match to be held in Los Angeles between two boxers, Joe and Mark, belonging to two different boxing clubs can be analysed and an outcome can be assigned a numerical value:


In the paragraph, the author has discussed that probability can be assigned to groups rather than individuals. So, if we have to assign the probability of winning of two boxers of different clubs, we must analyses the history of more players from the respective clubs. Option B is in-line with this.
Hence, option B is the correct answer.

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