Question 15

Read the Following statements and answer the question that follows:

1. It is less appealing, but morally more urgent, to understand the actions of the perpetrators.
2. It is easy to sanctify policies or identities by the deaths of the victims.
3. The victims were people; a true identification with them would involve grasping their lives rather than grasping at their deaths.
4. The moral danger, after all, is never that one might become a victim but that one might be a perpetrator or a bystander.
5. By definition the victims are dead, and unable to defend themselves from the use that others make of their deaths.
Rank the above five statements so as to make it a logical sequence:


2-1-4 forms a logical sequence as it tells us to examine why the perpetrators may have committed the crime and the moral danger it puts us in.

3-5 forms a pair as it mentions the victims of a crime.

Hence, option C is the answer.

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