Question 16

Read the following paragraph and answer the question that follows:

Arti is planning for higher studies and her future goals include working as a manager of a non-profit organization designed to provide assistance to under-represented populations. Arti researched the mission statements of various colleges and discovered that college X, a small private college with a fee of Rs. 8 lakhs per year, was dedicated to producing compassionate and curious leaders. College Y, a large institute with a fee of Rs. 9 lakh per year, promoted itself as a leading research facility. Based on her research, she decided to apply to college X rather than College Y.

Which of the following options is the most likely explanation of Arti's decision?


Arti's long term goals include working towards improving the lives of under- represented populations. It was natural that she would search for a college that was dedicated to producing compassionate (tender or gentle or caring) leaders. She as any other student would have done - choose her college since its mission was similar to hers. Thus, option D is the correct choice. The other choices talk about cost, personalised attention from professors etc and are, therefore, irrelevant.

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