Question 100

In a school, students were called for the Flag Hoisting ceremony on August 15. After the ceremony, small boxes of sweets were distributed among the students. In each class, the student with roll no. 1 got one box of sweets, student with roll number 2 got 2 boxes of sweets, student with roll no. 3 got 3 boxes of sweets and so on. In class III, a total of 1200 boxes of sweets were distributed. By mistake one of the students of class III got double the sweets he was entitled to get. Identify the roll number of the student who got twice as many boxes of sweets as compared to his entitlement.


1+2+3+4+..................+n < 1200


1+2+3+4+..................+n+ (n+1) > 1200

We need to calculate value of n.

Using first and second inequality,

$$\frac{n (n+1)}{2}$$ < 1200

N = 48

Total number of boxes of sweets distributed is: 48*49/2 = 1176

So, roll no 24 got doubles number of boxes. 

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