Question 10

Read the following excerpt carefully.

In the future, hydrogen may form a significant part of our energy systems. Today it is mostly used in oil refineries and fertiliser but in the future hydrogen could power our cars, heat our homes, and fuel industry. A recent McKinsey study suggested that in less than 25 years, hydrogen could account for 18% of global energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from current levels by some 6 gigatons….

Which of the following sentences will MOST logically complete the above excerpt?


Option A is the correct answer because it logically extends the information provided in the excerpt about the future potential of hydrogen in energy systems. The excerpt discusses how hydrogen may play a significant role in our energy systems, and Option A complements this by introducing the potential impact of such a change. It mentions the economic aspects, stating that the impact could be huge, potentially generating $2,500 billion in revenue globally and creating more than 30 million jobs. This additional information aligns with the broader implications of adopting hydrogen as a significant part of energy systems, making Option A the most logical completion of the excerpt.

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