SSC CHSL 21 March 2018 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Find the remainder in the expression $$\frac{557\times653\times672}{9}$$

Question 2

Calculate the value of x, If $$\sqrt{1-(\frac{x}{529}})=(\frac{16}{23})$$

Question 3

How many solutions does a pair of linear equations will have, if the equations are 4x+5y-6=0 and 16x+20y+20=0?

Question 4

Determine the value of m for which $$4x+\frac{\sqrt{x}}{6}+\frac{m^2}{4}$$ is a perfect square.

Question 5

Consider the circle as shown in the figure and choose CORRECT option for this case.

Question 6

The angle subtended by the chord of length 10 cm is 120° at the centre. Calculate the distance of the chord (in cm) from the centre.

Question 7

If P : Q = 9 : 7, then what is the value of (P - Q) : (P + Q)?

Question 8

How much quantity (in kg) of wheat costing Rs 84 per kg must be mixed with 81 kg of wheat costing Rs 60 per kg so that on selling the mixture at Rs 75.9 per kg, there is a gain of 15%?

Question 9

The average height of A, B and C is 148 cm. If the average height of A and B is 136 cm and that of B and C is 125 cm, then what is the height (in cm) of B?

Question 10

Some part of Rs 17500 was lent at the rate of 24% per annum simple interest and the remaining part at the rate of 10% per annum simple interest. The total interest received after 5 years is Rs 13300. What is the ratio of money lent at the rate of 24% and 10%?

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