SSC CHSL 21 March 2018 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Where did the leader of the Individual Satyagraha movement, Acharya Vinoba Bhave started this movement?

Question 82

The well-known dialogue between Nachiketa and Yama is mentioned in which Upanishada?

Question 83

Which country, in January 2018 broke India's monopoly in providing Internet access to Nepal by becoming country's second Internet service provider?

Question 84

Which among the following is NOT a recipient of Sangeet Natak Akamemi's fellowships (Akademi Ratna)-2018?

Question 85

When was the "Boxer Rebellion" happened in China?

Question 86

What is formed when helium atom loses one electron?

Question 87

Apart from proposing atomic thoery, what did John Dalton researched on?

Question 88

Which among the following is/are the unitary feature(s) of Indian Constitution? 
I. Single Constitution for State and Centre
II. Single Citizenship
III. Integrated Judiciary

Question 89

Article 360 of Indian Constitution, empowers whom to proclaim a Financial Emergency?

Question 90

Match the following:

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