SSC CHSL 21 March 2018 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

If 60% of total articles are sold at a loss of 50% and remaining articles are sold at a profit of 50%, then what will be the overall loss percentage?

Question 12

If three successive discounts of 20%, 30% and 40% are given, then what will be the net discount (in percentage)?

Question 13

Which of the following statement (s) is / are TRUE ?
I. $$\sqrt{676}+\sqrt{6.76}+\sqrt{0.0676}=27.76$$

II. $$\sqrt{339+\sqrt{36}+\sqrt{49}+\sqrt{81}}=19$$

Question 14

R is 80% more efficient than S. If S alone can make a book in 90 days, then R alone can make the book in how many days?

Question 15

Diameter of a car wheel is 21 cm. A car driver moving at the speed of 66 km/hr takes 36 seconds to reach a destination. How many revolutions will the wheel make during the journey?

Question 16

What is the value of 88% of 1125 + 20% of 425?


The HR department of a company prepared a report. The pie chart from this report shows number of employees in all the departments that the company has. Study the diagram and answer the following questions.

Question 17

The most number of employees belong to which department?

Question 18

What is the total number of employees of the company?

Question 19

The measure of the central angle of the sector representing department B is ________ degrees.

Question 20

If the average monthly salary of the employees of this company is Rs 20,000 then what is the total of the salaries (in Rs lakhs) paid to all the employees of this company?

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