SSC CHSL 17 Jan 2017 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

There is 40% increase in an amount in 5 years at simple interest. What will be the compound interest of Rs. 25000 after 3 years at the same rate?

Question 82

Suresh goes on a trip on his motor-cycle and rides for 410 kms. If he rides for 5 hours at a speed of 50 km/hr, find at what speed he travels for the remaining 4 hours of the journey?

Question 83

If the radius of a circle is increased by 25%, its area increases by:

Question 84

A shopkeeper, sold cashew nuts at the rate Rs 1,260 a kg and bears a loss of 8%. Now if he decides to sell it at Rs 1,386 per kg, what will be the result?

Question 85

If $$\frac{(1-sinA)}{(1+sinA)}=x$$, then x is

Question 86

An angle is thrice its complementary angle. What is the measure of the angle?

Question 87

What is the length of the side of an equilateral triangle, if its area is 36√3 sq cm?

Question 88

If $$\frac{cos\pi}{4}-\frac{tan\pi}{4}=x$$, then x is

Question 89

If tanA = x, then x is

Question 90

If the shopkeeper sells an item at Rs 1250 which is marked as Rs 1500, then what is the discount he is offering?

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