SSC CGL Tier-2 01-December-2016 Maths


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Let $$ 0 < x < 1$$. Then the correct inequality is

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Question 2

Three bells ring at interval of 36 seconds, 40 seconds and 48 seconds respectively. They start ringing together at a particular time. They will ring together after every

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Question 3

f the sum of the digits of a three digit numberis subtracted from that number, then it will always be divisible by

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Question 4

Which ofthe following is correct ?

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Question 5

The greater of the two numbers whose product is 900 and sum exceeds their difference by 30 is

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Question 6

The smallest fraction, which should be added to the sum of $$ 2 \frac{1}{2} , 3 \frac{1}{3} ,4 \frac{1}{4}  and   5\frac{1}{5} $$ to make the result a whole number, is 

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Question 7

Find the cube root of (-13824) 


Find the value of $$ \sqrt[3]{-13824} $$

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Question 8

The sum of three positive numbersis 18 and their product is 162. If the sum of two numbersis equal to the third then the sum of squares of the numbersis

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Question 9

The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 28 more than the average of these three numbers. Then the smallest of these three numbers is

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Question 10

In a division sum, the divisor 'd' is 10 times the quotient 'q' and 5 times the remainder'r'. If r = 46, the dividend will be

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