SSC CGL Tier-2 01-December-2016 Maths


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

A man can do a piece of workin 30 hours. If he works with his son then the same piece of work is finished in 20 hours. If the son works alone he can do the work in

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Question 12

A water tap fills a tub in 'p' hours and a sink at the bottom empties it in 'q' hours. If p < q and both tap and sink are open, the tank is filled in 'r' hours; then 

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Question 13

John does $$ \frac{1}{2} $$ piece of work in 3 hours, Joe does $$ \frac{1}{4} $$ of the remaining work in 1 hour and George finishes remaining work in 5 hours. How long would it have taken the three working together to do the work ?

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Question 14

A does $$  \frac{2}{5} $$ of a work in 9 days. Then B joined him and they together completed the remaining work in 6 days. B alone can finish the whole work in

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Question 15

The daily wagesof A and B respectively are Rs.3.50 and 2.50 . When A finishes a certain work, he gets a total wage of Rs. 63. When B does the same work, he gets a total wage Rs.75. If both of them do it together what is the cost of the work ?

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Question 16

A man does double the work done by a boy in the same time. The number of days that 3 men and 4 boys will take to finish a work which can be done by 10 men in 8 days is

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Question 17

The marked price of an article is 30% higher than the cost price. If a trader sells the articles allowing 10% discount to customer, then the gain percent will be

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Question 18

A merchant marked the price of an article by increasing its production cost by 40%. Now he allows 20%discount and gets a profit of Rs. 48 after selling it. The production cost is

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Question 19

A watch dealer pays 10% customs duty on a watch which costs Rs.500 abroad. He desires to make a profit of 20% after giving a discount of 25% to the buyer, The marked price should be

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Question 20

A shopkeeper allows 20% discount on his advertised price and to make a profit of 25% on his outlay. What is the advertised price (in Rs.) on which he gains Rs.6000?

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