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SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR)

by Tanaya Ahirrao 39 April 16, 2024

Are you aspiring to join the SP Jain Institute of Management and Research? Wouldn't you like to know who your potential classmates might be and what financial aid or scholarships are available?

This blog explores the dynamic batch profile. This is a varied group of people influencing the direction of the company. So, guys, continue reading if you want to be around intelligent people, learn insightful things about the industry from more seasoned colleagues, and perhaps even get some funding! We'll provide you with the information you need to handle the SPJIMR admissions process confidently.

SPJIMR Batch Profile 2023

Let's take a look at the 2023 batch of the SPJIMR Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and PGDM (Business Management) programmes. 347 students have job experience in a variety of industries, accounting for 85% of the total. 64% of the batch comes from the engineering and IT industry. On the other hand, 36% comes from other industries, such as management, banking and finance, the arts and communication. 83% of these students brought significantly valuable experiences to the table.


The batch includes a mix of different ages.

  • 28% fall under the 25 years of age category
  • 38% in the 26-30 age range which makes up for the biggest chunk
  • 34% of the batch is 31 or above years of age.

Work Experience

People from different professional levels are drawn to this programme:

  • 26% are freshers or recent graduates, eager to start their professional career journeys.
  • 27% have accumulated 2-5 years of work experience, providing a practical foundation for theoretical understanding.
  • Moreover, 47% of the batch brings 5 years of work experience. This chunk enhances classroom discussions with real-world leadership experiences.

Academic Background

The group has a wide range of academic backgrounds, which reflects the complexity of business:

  • With a 64% share, engineering graduates make up the largest contingent and provide excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • 10% of science graduates provide their research knowledge and scientific rigour.
  • Academic disciplines such as Arts (6%), Commerce (4%), and other programmes including B.D.S. (4%), B.B.A. (6%), B.Voc. (4%), and B.Arch. (2%) contribute distinctive viewpoints and enhance class debates.

Gender and Geographic Diversity

Gender: Both the PGDM batches together have 77% male candidates and 23% female participants.

Geography: Although 86% of the class is Indian, which provides a solid basis for the country's business scene, there are also notable numbers of international students:

  • 6% are from the US
  • 4% are from Germany
  • 2% are from the Czech Republic
  • 2% are from Japan

Scholarships and Financial Aids in SPJIMR 

The primary goal of financial aid and scholarships is to give money to PGDM participants who are deserving and worthy. The scholarship becomes accessible following the start of the programme. This procedure is carried out every academic year.


  1. Merit-cum-Means Based Financial Assistance: Financial aid is provided by the institute to qualifying PGDM students in their first and second years. Contingent on evaluation of need, grades, extracurricular involvement, and behaviour. The financial aid takes the form of compensation for the PGDM fee structure's tuition component. Applications are accepted in July. A panel assesses the participant's financial necessity and verifies all of the information submitted. The panel's evaluations determine whether to offer applicants full or partial financial aid.
  2. Mirae Asset Foundation (MAF) Scholarship: The Mirae Asset Foundation is a nonprofit organisation based in India that focuses on several aspects of educational development in the country. The Mirae Asset Foundation established the MAF Scholarship to award scholarships to deserving and impoverished first- and second-year participants whose household income is under INR 8 lakhs. Each year, two PGDM first- and second-year participants receive scholarships of INR 5 lakhs apiece. The Mirae Asset Scholars are the recipients of this fellowship. Following the start of the Programme, potential applicants get detailed directions.


  1. Merit-cum Means-Based Financial Assistance: Financial aid is provided by the institute to qualifying first- and second-year students based on evaluations of their needs, behaviour, extracurricular involvement, and academic achievement. The financial aid will take the form of reimbursement for the PGDM(BM) fee structure's tuition component.
  2. Merit-based Scholarship: Depending on how well they performed in the first year, second-year participants will be eligible for the Merit-based Scholarship.A panel will assess the participant's financial need and determine if the information submitted is accurate. Candidates receive either full or partial financial help, depending on the panel's assessments.

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Q. Does SP Jain provide scholarships?

A. Yes, SPJIMR provides its students with various scholarships according to the programme.

Q. What is the batch size of SPJIMR?

A. The batch size of SPJIMR is 238 students

Q. Is SP Jain as good as IIM?

A. SPJIMR is ranked above some IIMs in the NIRF rankings. Moreover, the placements at SPJIMR also go higher than those at some IIMs. Having said that, SPJIMR is better than many IIMs. It is in fact among the top 5 to 7 B-schools of the country.

Q. What is the difference between SP Jain and SPJIMR?

A. Shreyans Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) is often confused with SP Jain Global. It is important to note that SPJIMR's PGDM course is far more valuable than the ones offered at SP Jain Global.

Q. Is SP Jain better than MDI?

A. It depends on the course you are taking, when we talk about overall rank then SP Jain has an edge over MDI because the former is ranked 5/272 while the latter is ranked 7/272 by India Today Management.


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